For any information on the volunteering opportunity please contact our volunteer Biggi on bzielo@yahoo.com

Are you an experienced and compassionate animal lover who wants to make a real difference? Then just come over to Israel and spend some time with us and our beloved animals. Our sanctuary is currently run entirely voluntarily by two main people with one part time paid worker and we are very grateful for any offer of a helping hand. The daily donkey care includes cleaning the stables, main shelter and outside area, preparing food, assisting in any medical treatment and spending time with the donkeys to give them the love and attention they deserve.

You are also invited to join our outreach clinics if you feel able to, however we need to mention that you would enter the Palestinian territories at your own risk.

Please understand that we can not pay you any wage, however, be sure, that your work is always highly appreciated and we are very thankful for the time you give to us.



The work at the sanctuary requires a high level of maturity, therefore the minimum age for volunteers is 21 years. You should be in excellent physical health and have a good understanding of animal welfare. A fair knowledge of the English language is necessary as well. Please make sure you are having a health insurance.


It might be possible for us to offer basic accommodation (this can be discussed) for one person in a container. We would then ask you for a weekly contribution for water, elecricity, sheets and towels (for 2020 this accommodation is not available since it is used by a local worker). Alternatively there is also quite a comfortable and affordable camping site just a stone's throw away from the sanctuary. If you prefer something more comfortable then the next city would be Kfar Yona or Netanya, where you could get a hotel or a room via airbnb. From there you would need a rental car or you could try the local busses.

More information / FAQ

You will find a lot of valuable information and how to apply in this info sheet. Do not miss our lovely picutre section down below where you will also find a lot of pictures of the camping site.

Educational Center

Our vision for the future includes an educational area in our sanctuary where Jewish and Arab kids will learn side by side about the ethical and humane treatment of donkeys and animals in general. For now, any penny is needed for the care of our rescued donkeys. However, having this educational site will be one of our main goals for the future.