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The Sanctuary

Lucy's Sanctuary For Holy Land Donkeys is an Israel-registered non-profit organisation, set up to continue Lucy Fensom's lifelong mission to provide veterinary support and treatment for donkeys, horses and mules in Israel and the Palestinian Territories with an emphasis on education, humane handling, correct harnessing, footcare, dentistry, worming and feeding and to show love and compassion to all hardworking equines.

Nestled in the heart of the Hefer Valley region of Israel, just a few miles from Israel’s volatile border with Palestine, is our small sanctuary for abused, injured and abandoned little donkeys. Currently there are 48 donkeys and 3 horses living at Lucy's sanctuary. They all are permanent residents who will stay here for the rest of their lives so long as we have the funds to continue to provide them with the home and care that they need.

The Mobile Clinics

In addition to running her donkey sanctuary in Israel, founder Lucy Fensom also does regular outreach work with her mobile veterinary clinics to treat the wounds of the hard working donkeys, mules and horses in the Palestinian territories, where they are a means to their owners' everyday livelihood.

As part of this work, Lucy and her team make every effort to try to help educate the donkey owners to teach them better handling methods (including correct harnessing, foot care, dentistry, feeding) and to understand that their donkeys and horses are sentient beings that will be better able to cope with their work load if they are well cared for and not suffering.

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