Little Zachariah begins to heal

A few weeks ago I posted a story about the beautiful boy, Zachariah, whom we'd rescued from the north of Israel. Everything suggested that he'd had his eyes deliberately and brutally removed and he would not and could not allow anything or anyone near him, even a little puff of wind made him jump and flinch.


Very slowly and never pushing him, little by little, we've spent a few moments periodically each day, talking gently to him, inching closer to him, treating him to carrots whilst simultaneously gently ringing little soft bells and he is finally honoring me with the privilege of gently stroking and grooming his beautiful neck...


He is the most precious, noble soul who has suffered intolerably but he's beginning to understand that nobody will ever hurt him again. Everything is always in his own time, I just let my presence be known to him. Please keep praying for him and sending thoughts of love and protection for him. Thank you... 🙏


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Thank you so much.

Little Zach in his stable
Zach starts trusting a bit
Zach and Lucy